We deliver an unrivalled

Customer Experience

Your business is unique, and so are your customers. Bespoke International Group specialise in delivering Global Business Solutions that consistently create an outstanding customer experience.
Through consultation, we develop a deep understanding of your operation so that we can propose a tailor-made solution to your customer service requirements.
We are a truly global business, with both a UK presence and highly experienced teams operating out of the International Contact Centre in Durban, South Africa.
Enhancing your omnichannel customer life-cycle journey builds service excellence and in turn, delivers sustained commercial benefit to your organisation.


A global business, we have director level presence in the U.K and a state-of-the art call centre and customer service operation in Durban, South Africa.
Our senior management team are true pioneers of the industry in South Africa.


From consultation and diagnostics through to delivery and customer service, our team is dedicated to give the very best service. We invest in our management and delivery teams to ensure High levels of motivation, satisfaction and delivery.


Bespoke International Group is built on solid foundations. Our team have unrivalled know-how and experience in setting up and delivering outsourced customer service for our clients.

Latest News

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Warrington-born Bespoke International Group (Bespoke) CEO Mark Thomason lives in Cheshire and is one of the founding fathers of the international call centre industry in South Africa Thomason operates as a UK-based strategic consultant Bespoke International is a global outsourced customer service centre that works with UK and global businesses   Bespoke International has recorded…

Heritage Day

September saw us celebrate Heritage Day once again. South Africa is a diverse nation with a rich history and this day is an opportunity for South Africans to come together and celebrate their heritage, diversity and friendship.   A truly was a great day, the staff at Bespoke had the opportunity to celebrate their culture with pride. Our…

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