As we head towards the end of the year, we’re delighted to again announce record breaking growth in 2022.

Building on the phenomenal growth achieved in 2021, we’ve once again recorded record revenues and profits this year, effectively doubling the size of the company. It’s now just 3 and a half years since our inception, when CEO Mark Thomason and his co-directors founded the business. Having been instrumental in the advent and development of the outsourced CX industry in South Africa, the foundations of the business are unwavering and we’re delighted to announce yet another year of outstanding growth.

Our major clients are in the financial, retail, telecoms, travel, utilities and insurance sectors, and have driven the expansion. The company headcount now tops 1400, up from 700 just 12 months ago.


Mark Thomason commented:

‘We’re delighted with our performance over the past year. 6 new clients, mainly in the utilities / energy sector and retail customer services have helped us really drive growth within the business. The fact that we’ve achieved this is a real testimony to the talents and efforts of our outstanding team.”


Building on a strong UK customer base, which includes one of the UK’s fastest growing E Commerce businesses, we are delighted to have been successful in breaking into new geographic markets during 2022, onboarding clients in the U.S and Australia.

Our senior team, which includes those who have progressed from ‘floor to board’ attribute Bespoke’s rapid growth to having attracted the ‘right clients’, which align with company culture and investment in technology. Operationally, the call centre in Durban has also undergone huge transformation and an investment that matches the rapid growth in clients and revenues.

Recognised as the number one outsourcing and BPO destination, South Africa has long been a thriving location for outsourced customer service and the Bespoke value proposition continues to be a compelling one, which is attracting more and more attention.

We focus on continuous improvement and strive to achieve, as a minimum, the same level of performance as our clients or partners in-house teams.


So, what does 2023 hold? 

We think more of the same. Having recently been audit approved for ISO 20071, we’re looking forward to an even greater validation of our service offering. This is highly prized recognition of a commitment to quality and training at every level within the organisation.


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