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At Bespoke International Group, we’re proud to offer a broad range of services to companies that operate in a variety of different sectors. To meet market demand, we do this on an Omni-Channel basis, meaning we engage via Voice, Social, Email and Live Chat.
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Our clients predominantly, but not exclusively sit within one of six core sectors:

– Financial

– Insurance

– Retail / Digital Retail

– Telecoms

– Utilities

– Travel

The key to our success in being able to service this diverse range of sectors is our thorough and highly personalised onboarding process.
We work hard to quickly get to a stage where we live and breathe our client brands. In doing this, we can be the authentic voice that end customers expect, at all levels of engagement.

So what services do we offer? A full selection is on offer to meet the needs of most businesses.
We have the flexibility and experience to offer additional bespoke services if required, but typically, our clients utilise one or more of
the following customer experience services:

– Lead Generation

– New Sales Acquisition

– Retention & Win Back

– Welcome Calling

– Customer Service

– In Life Value Added Service

– Collection Services

– Revenue Assurance Services

– Debt Collection

Whatever market you operate in, our intention is offer a complete service at the levels associated with an in-house team, but at a lower cost.If you’re looking to explore our offshore customer experience / BPO offering, then contact us to arrange a consultation with our U.K. based CEO.
Email us welcome@bespokeinternationalgroup.com