The E-Commerce landscape has been evolving at a rapid rate. Challenges include; diminishing returns from online advertising and rising shipping costs. These cost factors have squeezed the sector over the past 2 years. Although more money is undoubtedly being spent online, customer expectations are also rising.

Customers in 2022 demand a fast personalised service, a seamless buying process and a fully supported and effective customer experience. These are all essential elements for ambitious E-Commerce operations to consider.

When it comes to CX, the bar has been raised, and it is creeping ever higher. A robust, scalable technology platform is increasingly important as is effective omni-channel CX support.

At Bespoke International Group, we have built up a great level of experience in the sector, through working with a leading E-Commerce retailer.

From our CX call centre in Durban, South Africa, we offer omni-channel platform support, that has the benefit of global coverage and multi-lingual capability. Fast customer support helps with brand building, consumer loyalty and trust.



Our services can scale precisely with your needs. We can add fully trained agents ‘on demand’ to meet customer growth and seasonal demand spikes. We have access to an unrivalled pool of educated and highly motivated talent in South Africa, who are ready to represent and help grow your E-Commerce brand.


Cost savings:

The costs involved in setting up a new call centre operation are huge. Equally, the cost involved in scaling up a call centre operation are also considerable and often challenging. The ‘Bespoke International’ business model allows brands to access our ‘ready-made’ call centre operation in Durban. When it comes to people, technology, office space and security, we have have everything covered. Whether for start-ups or established, fast growing businesses, we remove the headache and many of the costs involved in either starting a new call centre or adding capacity to an existing CX operation.


People & quality:

Our robust onboarding and staff training program is such that we can confidently remove much of the operational cost burden whilst delivering a market-leading KPI driven service.


Customer engagement:

Our omni-channel call centre has the capability to deliver consistency across all service channels. This allows our CX agents to provide a customer experience that is seamless and personalised. Services include:

  • 24/7 Answering
  • Billing Assistance
  • Return & Refund Accounting
  • Telmarketing & Promotions
  • IVR
  • Complaint Tracking
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Catalogue Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Information Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Membership & Loyalty Programmes


If you want to understand how Bespoke International Group can deliver a secure and reliable customer experience for your clients and help you achieve your travel sector business objectives, email our BDM at

For North American enquiries, contact U.S based VP of Americas

Our CEO is UK-based and available to offer enhanced value through a one-to-one consultation.