The telecoms sector is a highly competitive and fast-evolving sector and more than ever, CX service levels are a key differentiator. 

Perhaps of all the sectors we deal with, the pace of change within the telecoms sector has accelerated most rapidly over the past 2 years. Shifts in behaviour in such a competitive market, along with inflationary cost pressures are creating acute challenges for all the players within the market.

Great customer service levels are vital when it comes to winning business, which is becoming increasingly consolidated as broadband and 5G blur the once distinct lines between home connectivity, mobile connectivity, entertainment and business communications.


Successful telecoms brands provide an outstanding end-to-end customer service experience for their customers. Deloitte has made comments on the outlook for 2022 and beyond.

“In 2022, the telecoms sector continued to make progress in augmenting its network capacity with additional fibre and wireless deployments to meet the constant demand for higher-speed networks in 2021. However, as we start the new year, we see an emerging set of issues and opportunities presented by a dynamic regulatory, technological, and competitive environment that may influence the sector’s progress in the coming year:”


Customer engagement must be a priority for ambitious telecoms brands, and our mission at Bespoke is to delight the customers we engage with.

We often talk about customers ‘feelings’ and through omnichannel communications, we can engage with customers in a way that suits them, and to a standard that was once only the preserve of an in-house function. When combined with costs that are a fraction of in-house, this means that the difference in service we deliver can literally underpin a brand’s customer retention rate.

Our call centre is located in Durban, South Africa, and we operate on behalf of some leading global brands. South Africa is recognised, for good reason, as the leading outsourcing destination.

If BPO is new to you or your organisation, we understand that it can be a daunting thought as there is a perception that control and quality can be lost. We can prove through real-life case studies, that the opposite is actually the case and we welcome being challenged to prove through statistics, the service we can deliver.


We provide a wide range of services to our telecoms sector clients. These include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Billing Assistance
  • Reduce churn
  • Telemarketing & Promotions
  • Lead Generation
  • Bundled Packages
  • Order Fulfilment Management
  • Product Information Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Technical Support
  • Service Upgrades
  • IVR
  • Surveys


If you want to understand how Bespoke International Group can deliver a secure and reliable customer experience for your clients and help you achieve your business objectives, email our BDM at [email protected]

For North American enquiries, contact U.S based VP of Americas [email protected]

Our CEO is UK-based and available to offer enhanced value through a one-to-one consultation.