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Outsourcing Customer Experience services can be daunting for those Brands that have always operated an in-house function. 
One of the things we often get asked is ‘How do you achieve authenticity and provide a seamless experience for our clients?’

The key to this is quite simple, there’s no magic involved, just a considered, structured and diligent approach throughout the onboarding, training, and ongoing management processes.
The first meeting your Customer Experience Director would have, would be with our U.K based CEO. Through face-to-face communication, we conduct a ‘deep-dive’ analysis of your operation. 
This enables us to understand in great detail your offering, systems, your client profile, and the typical challenges that will be faced. Crucially, the tone and style required to replicate authenticity within our own team that will become the front-line CX team representing your business.

Once up and running, our client teams are continually benchmarked against pre-agreed KPI’s. We understand that long-term success is only achieved if we can successfully replicate the culture of your organisation and therefore give your customers an authentic, reactive, and effective experience. 

Your systems are the basis on which your client data relies. We dovetail into your in-house client management and data systems to enable to us to quickly process, answer and resolve queries. 
In getting this right we know customer retention will be greater and that the following is true:

Repeat customers deliver consistent revenue:
Customers that get quick and effective resolution are far more likely to repeat purchases.

Trust in your Brand builds with returning customers:
Customers that get quick and effective resolution are far more likely to repeat purchases and remain loyal as they know they will be looked after.

Repeat customers result in word-of-mouth marketing:
Happy customers may recommend your product or service to friends or colleagues, and relay positive experiences on Social Media platforms and customer feedback platforms such as Trustpilot.

Greater lifetime value:
Repeat customers build lifelong Brand relationships and create long-term value.

To understand more about how Bespoke International can become the authentic voice of your brand, contact us to arrange a consultation with our UK-based CEO.