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The Challenges involved in attracting, recruiting, and retaining call centre CX Staff are well known. During 2022, these challenges have become even more pronounced.

At Bespoke International Group, we are approached by many businesses who have an in-house function but are finding that the recruitment of staff is becoming a limiting factor to servicing operational growth.

Rapid customer growth, that is not matched by staffing growth, can cause fundamental problems for a business with the potential of irreparable damage to brands. An eminently positive scenario can rapidly turn negative if steps aren’t taken to match service resources to customer increases.

Call centre staff placements are notoriously difficult. Attrition rates are high and performance levels can dip if recruits see the role as a stop-gap, as opposed to a career opportunity. Poor retention of information, low concentration levels, and low morale will lead to poor performance levels and potentially, erosion of the customer base.

In the U.K. we hear many stories of interviews being offered to candidates, who then fail to attend. This is a disheartening situation for HR and CX directors who are constantly battling to keep vacancies to a minimum. Rapidly rising inflation is increasing staff salary expectations and increasing the cost burden on businesses across all sectors. There are ways to get around this problem.

We specialise in BPO. What does business outsourcing mean for our clients? Primarily, the biggest appeal of outsourcing is that there can be a rapid deployment of CX advisors. Our call centre in Durban, South Africa draws a pool of immensely talented individuals, speaking with a ‘UK friendly’ accent, who are hungry for opportunity and have the skills and education to be dove-tailed into a CX team.

Our investment in our people means that we have highly motivated, high-performing team players, that can quickly become part of your brand, fielding enquiries and solving problems on behalf of clients.

For those that haven’t considered BPO in the past, it can be a daunting prospect and we understand that it can be a leap of faith. For this reason, we are happy to prove our claims on performance levels and cost reductions by running small operations in tandem with existing in-house or UK call centers. We are confident of reducing your staffing costs and matching in-house performance levels, so in most cases, we see organic growth through high performance.


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