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At Bespoke International, we’re immensely proud of our people and the difference they make. We work hard to ensure that all our people are focused on delivering incredible customer experiences.


Our policy has always been and always will be, to invest in our staff and to give them a clear pathway of progression. This fosters a culture of positivity and enthusiasm which translates into an enhanced service for our clients. Whilst we service some leading companies in the U.K, North America and Australia, our call centre is based in Durban, South Africa. We are fortunate to have access to a pool of educated and hard-working talent that can thrive within the Bespoke culture. This, combined with our natural timezone and economic advantages helps us ‘be the difference’ for our clients.


We’re honoured to have people of such great calibre, so much so, that some members of our board have progressed to this senior position having started out ‘on the floor’ as customer advisers. Understanding the minutiae of our operation can only be truly developed by working from the ground up.


With this in mind, we felt it was important to give extra prominence to the Bespoke International Group social channels and the icons in the top right corner of our website will take you straight to the channels where you can gain more insight into our staff, and learn about the initiatives and celebrations that regularly take place to create a happy and productive working environment.


To find out more about our people, culture and latest developments you can follow on:



Linked IN  (See the latest updates from our U.K based CEO – Mark Thomason)


If you want to understand how Bespoke International Group can deliver an enhanced customer experience for your clients, whilst delivering substantial cost advantages, email us at [email protected]