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When it comes to outsourcing CX, there are many preconceptions and myths that surround the subject.

Here, we explore and dispel some of the most common assumptions.

As a leading BPO provider and CX outsourcing provider, we operate a fully managed call centre in Durban, South Africa.

We have been looking after the CX needs of clients for a number of years and as a result, we have built up solid outsourcing / BPO experience, from which we can base our observations and learnings.


CX outsourcing is purely a cost-cutting exercise

Cost-cutting can be a big driver when businesses decide to outsource. There are huge savings to be made when a fixed hourly fee is compared with the costs of employing a CX advisor in the U.K.

Outsourcing costs cut out the additional expenses such as employers N.I, holiday pay, sickness, and even the costs of equipping that person with a computer, office space, phone line, heating, lighting, etc.

The notion that outsourcing is purely a cost-cutting exercise though, is completely false. Meeting in-house service levels is an essential element of our outsourced proposition. There would be no real business benefit if costs were cut and service levels also dropped, the formula only has positive effects if lower costs are combined with KPI-driven service levels.


Quality always suffers as a result of outsourcing

Provided proper planning, training, and onboarding practices are in place, this is not true. When we onboard a client at Bespoke International Group, we embark upon a vigorous training and induction program, so that our systems fully integrate with client systems and ensure that staff is immersed in the brand they represent. This process ensures service levels start high and ongoing KPIs ensure service remains high. This is integral to our approach.


With CX Outsourcing and BPO, you lose control of your business

We operate as an extension of your business. The service we offer is designed to be fully integrated into your organisation, but ultimately under the control of you, the end client. Monthly KPI meetings mean that the brands we represent retain full control and authority over the direction of the service being offered. We have defined processes in place, whatever the market sector or service being offered.


Outsourcing guarantees a lack of product or service knowledge

Again, this is a myth. Whether on the phone, by email, or over chat, our CX teams learn about every intimate detail of a client operation. Team leaders are accountable for upholding standards and ensuring that knowledge is always up to date and accurate. Our culture is something we are extremely proud of.


Outsourced CX teams lack motivation

This isn’t the case at Bespoke International Group. Our teams are incentivised on service delivery. We have invested heavily in the well-being, retention, and career progression of our employees. This, ultimately, is so that our clients benefit and thrive as a result of the great service we can offer on their behalf. South Africa is consistently rated as being the premier outsourcing destination.


Outsourcing is exclusively for very big organisations

This is certainly not the case. Our clients range in size. Our ethos is to help businesses who have growth potential have the CX foundations in place so that they can ultimately grow, often into very big organisations. This is all done in line with individual corporate strategies and goals. Our client stories are rich and varied.


Security and privacy are compromised by outsourcing

Our call centre building in Durban is state-of-the-art in terms of security infrastructure, operational resilience, and client confidentiality. We understand that this is a core element of successful and long-term BPO. As a result, security and privacy are as high, if not higher than most in-house operations.


Outsourcing is a ‘short-term only’ solution

We’re in the business of building long-term relationships through confidence in the service we deliver. Our flexible approach means that we often run operations alongside in-house provision and allow comparisons through KPIs. Seeing good quality CX and BPO as short-term is something that both, we at Bespoke and our valued clients, don’t recognise.


Brands are devalued by outsourcing

If this was the case, we wouldn’t be growing at the rate we are. Brand value and maintaining exceptional standards are the basis of our offering. In reality, outsourcing the CX function to a high-quality BPO operation such as Bespoke International Group can actually build and nurture the value of a brand as explored here.


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