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As we move into spring, It can’t escape our attention that the world is undergoing a period of considerable change and uncertainty. This change feeds through to many aspects of our lives, not least when it comes to the sourcing and provision of energy. 

Global energy markets are in a state of flux, and prices are rising at unprecedented rates. Price caps within the UK market are rising in April 2022 and further rises are inevitable, throwing up challenges for consumers and suppliers alike.

The consolidation of suppliers has meant that customers are being serviced by a far smaller number of providers. Many of us will have found ourselves moving supplier, not through choice but necessity by virtue of OFGEM intervention to re-distribute customers of failed providers for both gas and electricity.

When it comes to customer service and experience, suppliers are faced with the prospect of having to service massive spikes in customer numbers and increased communication flows.

Clearly, customers will expect quick response times and timely issue resolution, so energy companies need to be ready to meet demand. The management of debt issues, is and will continue to be a hot topic for the energy sector as customers seek support with their accounts.

We at Bespoke International have a proven track record supporting energy market clients.

Our value proposition enables partner organisations to scale up, often in parallel with an on-shore operation. Our call centre in Durban, South Africa is a state-of-the-art from where we service our clients via live chat, email and on the phone. 


The advantages of outsourcing to Bespoke International are:

– Fast provision of support to meet demand spikes / seasonal demands

– Reduced cost when compared to On-Shore – 50% – 60% cost reductions are typical

– A motivated, highly educated and professional English speaking workforce

– A desire to protect and invest in your brand. Our clients, almost without exception scale-up their seat numbers

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If you want to understand how Bespoke International Group can deliver an enhanced customer experience for your clients and help you achieve your business objectives in 2022, email us at [email protected]. Our CEO is UK based and available to offer enhanced value through a one-to-one consultation.