Due to recent budget announcements by the UK government, the subject of employee pay has been featured prominently in the press recently. A flagship announcement was that the living wage would be increasing to £9.50 per hour.

Whilst this is undeniably a good thing for employees facing the current inflationary pressures, there will also be a burden on businesses who have to cover this extra cost. How much of this can be passed on to the customer is debatable, however a proportion will undoubtedly feed through to customer experience service rates.

At Bespoke, our business philosophy has always been that by going over and above legal minimums, we will be able to attract the very best people. Given the right training, this translates into productive and successful teams that will go above and beyond for our clients.

South Africa has a much lower staffing cost base than the U.K, which is something we benefit from at Bespoke. We have built in considerable headroom over an above our legal obligations as we know this will enable us to attract the best, well educated talent who feel appreciated and are motivated to deliver.

Further to a strong wage rate, we ensure that our best and most ambitious staff have the room they need to flourish and grow within the organisation. We believe strongly that glass ceilings are there to be shattered Some members of the Bespoke Board have risen through the ranks form call centre floor to boardroom. This, we believe brings an authenticity, understanding and empathy that can’t easily be replicated. We are in the business of providing great customer experiences and real-life practical delivery experience is a valuable asset at senior management level.

So, how does all this care, consideration and investment in staff help our clients? Well, put simply our service sits in a global customer experience sweet-spot. This is based on the fact that that we pay above the odds in a low cost economy, hence attracting the best people who are driven and eager to work hard.

When compared with the U.K, we are still well below the statutory minimum rates, therefore we are able to keep teams motivated and deliver huge cost savings at the same time.
The net result? U.K comparable service levels, happy customers and an improved bottom line for our clients.

Are changes in the UK economy impacting your business operations? For a fresh perspective on your customer experience service operation, contact us to book a consultation with our UK based CEO.