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In an evolving economic landscape, it is vital to understand exactly how well your CX is performing when benchmarked against wider industry and valid KPI data.


Our proposition delivers savings of over 50% when compared to in-house rates and delivers service levels that are at least as good, and often better than those achieved in-house. Combined, we deliver a huge positive impact on both the bottom line and customer retention rates.

From advisor cost to call answering times, and problem-solving to customer retention, we lift the bonnet on your CX operation and are often an alternative to the status quo.

You may feel your team is performing well, but the results of a benchmarking exercise will be illuminating as we drill down on defined KPI’s.

Whatever your industry, whether it be Retail, E-Commerce, Energy, or Water, we can help you make informed decisions based on factual evaluation rather than feeling.

During the review process, we never pressure clients to join us, in fact, quite the opposite. We know that the onboarding process and every long-term client relationship depend on factual evaluation and competitive willingness for both parties to move forward and achieve great results.

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Areas covered:

  • Overall business objectives
  • Current costs to run your CS operations
  • Number of FTE staff employed in CS
  • Existing metrics, CSAT scores, and KPI’s achieved and sought
  • CS staff recruitment costs
  • CS staff attrition and turnover

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