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Gearing up CX resources for the Autumn (Fall).

As the Summer draws to a close and holidays come to an end, the focus for most businesses turns to actioning their plans for the Autumn and Winter period.

The coming months require many businesses to gear up their CX provision for strong Christmas trading. Are you ready for a peak seasonal demand spike?

Whether customers want to click, call or chat, we can gear up a robust omnichannel service that meets the needs of your customer base, deals with their queries, and promotes repeat business.

From first contact resolution to KPI-driven insights, we focus our service on dealing with queries effectively. Reporting is underpinned by a valuable analysis of customer behaviour and CX performance. So what are the underlying trends that will drive CX volume over the coming months? Here, we look at 3 key markets.


The Energy market

Across the globe, the cost of gas and electricity is soaring, and this is dominating the news agenda. Within the UK, there is a price cap that is now to be reviewed quarterly. With such changes and the anticipation of government intervention, uncertainty for the consumer is likely to grow and there will be a huge demand for customer services. We already represent some leading players in this market.

As a result, we know the market well and are well placed to assist others in gearing up their call centre provision.


E-Commerce & Retail

There is little doubt that the overall trend will shift furth online this year, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Forbes delivers a good synopsis of the predominant trends.

As competition increases, customer expectations grow and budgets are squeezed, the role of effective CX will be ever more vital in the coming months. Failure to invest in outstanding CX delivery will only result in lost customers and reduced revenues.



The summer holidays may have ended, however, as business travel picks up, so does the need for great customer service provision.

As relaxed covid procedures filter through, the barriers to travel are largely starting to disappear. This increased demand combined with

turbulence across the sector driven by staffing, capacity issues, and flight cancellations means that your call centre service and CX must be world-beating.

Travel is all about experiences. This experience starts from the very point of booking, and it is CX that plays a major role in shaping these experiences.



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