Valentines at Bespoke International Group

The Bespoke team are spreading the love this Valentines Day.

The amazing guys and girls at our purpose built call centre have been invited to dress up for the occasion and….if they’re feeling really creative, make and submit their very own Valentines themed video.

Normally, our staff are spending their time creating an outstanding experience for the customers of our clients, but because we love them so much, we wanted to offer them some fun activities and cash incentives to help build their Valentines team spirit.

Its not just our staff that we love, its our client partners too. We deliver our clients a top quality service whilst cutting their costs. Our teams love having fun and their unique personalities shine through from a customer perspective too.

To see how we can treat you and your customers with a better customer service offering, contact us on [email protected] to book a consultation with our U.K. based CEO.