Rapid CX deployment

As we approach the end of October, many retail brands are expecting demand peaks relating to upcoming Christmas trade.

This in itself is a great time for retail, however rapid spikes in CX interaction can cause issues. The challenges around staff supply and retention are well documented, but failing to plan effectively for increased demand can be damaging to brand reputation and impact the bottom line.

The retail challenge in 2022 can be defined by a need to control costs and deliver an experience that ensures repeat business. So what are the issues that are keeping retail leaders awake at night?

Taken from the ‘Ingenuity’ retail outlook report, cost transformation is a top priority for leading retail brands:

  • According to BCG, companies that get it right can reduce costs by 25% to 35%, improve quality by 20%, and accelerate delivery of new products, services, and internal capabilities by 100% to 200%
  • 40% of European CFOs consider reducing costs as a top three priority
  • Creating agile models, that can adapt to market demand are essential for long term growth

Experience is everything

86% of buyers would pay more for a better customer experience (PwC). Today, consumers engage with retailers that offer more tailored, seamless, responsive and consistent customer experiences.

Customers are looking for automated and technological processes as well as human interactions. People engage with apps, self-service checkouts, website and many other digital channels, but if something goes wrong, they want to talk to a person.

Taken together, these statistics translate into the need to cut staffing costs whilst delivering outstanding service, both whilst navigating the seasonal shifts in demand.

Our proposition of outsourced CX allows rapid deployment of agents to meet seasonal demand. We seamlessly integrate into your brand and can act as an add-on to your in-house team, or simply deliver the full CX service that might once have been handled in-house, saving clients 50-60% on staffing costs and increasing service levels which drives customer satisfaction.

We offer:

  • 500 Advisors Servicing UK, USA and AUS
  • One of the largest Providers in SA to the UK and
  • World Wide Retail Sector
  • Voice & Non Voice
  • 24/7 Service
  • Over 20 Years BPO SA Experience
  • KPI Driven Service, Performance In-line With UK In-house
  • Billing, CS and Scheduling Software is Industry Specific, inc: Zendesk, Orbit, Ingenuity

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