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Online retail continues to expand at a rapid rate. Now that spring is finally in the air, our consumer habits start to adjust to the seasonality.


Retail covers a wide range of business types and products. Naturally, the sales of certain items peak at this time of year. Some good examples are:

– Seeds and horticultural products

– Travel and holiday bookings/enquiries

– Garden furniture and accessories

– Seasonal clothing and garments


Far from being plain sailing for all, 2022 promises to be an interesting year for retail, not least with current and past global events affecting the economic dynamics.

Some new and changed behaviours that developed during the last 2 years are set to continue. In other areas, travel, for example, huge spikes in demands have already begun.

Deloitte has published an interesting analysis of consumer trends in 2022 which provides some valuable insight into the online retail space.

Given that many retailers will see peaks in demand in the coming months, it is vital that customers are adequately serviced from a CX perspective.

The prospect of long wait times and unresolved queries will do lasting damage to a brand. The proposition we offer at Bespoke International is designed to give you extra capacity, exactly when you need it most. We can run an exclusive service from our Durban, S.A based call centre or operate in tandem with a UK based operation. Either way, we can deliver the flexibility that your organisation requires.

The service at Bespoke International Group is designed to help our clients manage peaks in demand so that customers always have a high-quality, omnichannel customer experience.

When considering the impact on customer interactions, it is vital for online retail companies to have customer service and experience resources fully geared up and accessible for clients. The implications of getting this wrong, are quite simply, lost customers and reduced revenues.


View our ONLINE BEAUTY RETAILER case study.


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