A UK Green Energy Company

A UK Green Energy Company provides all our members with 100% renewable electricity. They are one of the biggest buyers of green energy for homes in the UK.

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We’re proud to have strong partnership with one of the UK’s largest Green Energy providers. With a customer base of 1.7m Customers, the company generate electricity that is 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. 

The company previously operated an in-house customer service operation with their advisors supporting customers from their U.K head office. By way of transition to an offshore model, the trial with Bespoke started in March 2020.

Through analysis of KPI’s, we were successfully able to maintain the levels of customer service with a focus on customer experience via voice, email and live chat. In addition to this success, we were able to reduce their customer service cost by further commercialising their business.
Given this extraordinary success, the account has grown rapidly and we now have in excess of 300 advisors representing the client business.

Core services include:

  • Customer Acquisition.
  • Retention and In Life Health Check services.
  • Revenue Assurance Services.