We are delighted to announce that Lenny Govender has been promoted to the role of Chief Services Officer. 

Lenny joined Bespoke in February 2020, having worked closely with some of the senior management team since 2015. Lenny is a great asset to the business and is highly experienced and respected within the South African outsourced CX industry.

Lenny initially joined Bespoke in an advisory role, overseeing project management, new business development support (bid management), compliance, and technology. Lenny’s impressive performance ensured he was soon employed in a full-time capacity as the Head of Client Services, whilst retaining the aforementioned functions. Lenny was then promoted to Director of Shared Services, responsible for overseeing (TPSPs/IT service delivery), project management, quality assurance, new business development support (bid management), and compliance.

In his new role as Chief Services Officer, Lenny still has the same remit but with an advanced strategic focus on people leadership and a steer on continuous improvement initiatives.


The journey

Lenny’s path to his new role has been in the making for a number of years. Highlights from his CV include: 

  • ​Technology / Programming Qualifications.
  • Licensed Project Management Professional (Prince 2 / Agile)
  • Standard Career in Finance / Banking (Major National / SA Retail Bank)
  • 17 years experience in Contact Centre Management (Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), now Global Business Services (GBS))
  • Joined one of the very first BPOs in SA (UK Clientele – Telecoms Sector) – 9 years
  • Joined 2nd reputable BPO supporting (UK Clientele – Insurance Sector) – 5 years

– Highlights 

  • Recognised as Employee of Year on Year for outstanding performance and commitment
  • Implemented strategy for credit portfolios (aged debt collections – 4.0bn)
  • Implemented compliance frameworks (international best practices) for multiple BPOs over the last 15 years
  • A diverse set of skills, holding senior management roles as HOD for multiple support units, across various verticals (IT, Compliance, HR, Projects, Operations), offering strategic leadership and direction.


Bespoke International Group prides itself by the measures it takes to drive a stronger people-centric business. Leny has helped foster a culture within the business that rewards its employees without hesitation. The leadership team is ever present and involved at a deep level to support the business and the bright individuals within.

Lenny’s ascent within the business is testimony to a culture of reward and a feature of business meritocracy.  Lenny is himself in a position where he can mentor and develop future leaders. As a dedicated family man, Bespoke respects the concept of ‘family-time’ and offers a well-balanced work-life platform, to enable talented individuals to thrive and maintain a healthy and happy balance.

So what does the future hold? We asked Lenny to share his own vision for the future:

I’m really excited to help create leaner, process-driven, and collaborative back-office functions. I see this being driven by disruptive and innovative technologies that provide exceptional levels of support to the contact centre production teams and related stakeholders. Technology is something I have long had a passion for and I’m convinced of the ongoing benefits this focus will bring. In addition, I’m keen to deliver sound leadership to the principals within the support services remit, nurturing a ‘to-serve’ mentality with a strong focus on continuous improvement.

At Bespoke, we’re convinced that Lenny will continue to develop operational excellence at Bespoke, and wish him every success and happiness in his new role.

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