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When did you join Bespoke?

In September 2020, I joined Bespoke International Group, bringing with me 14 years of experience in contact centers. Prior to this, I had a successful tenure at a leading South African outsourcing company. My journey in this industry has been diverse, allowing me to explore various roles and sectors, both operationally and support-related.


How would you describe your role?

I currently serve as the Director of Continuous Improvement, responsible for driving organizational excellence through initiatives aimed at boosting efficiency, productivity, cost-efficiency, and service quality for both employees and clients. My core responsibilities include team leadership, data analysis, strategy development, and process optimization.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

My role affords me the opportunity to lead transformative changes that significantly impact our company’s success. It involves welcomed doses of challenges and opportunities. I have a deep-rooted passion for working with data and analytics, using them to make informed decisions and measure the effectiveness of our improvement efforts. It’s fulfilling to witness tangible results as my team and I implement initiatives. Seeing employees embrace change and actively contribute to our organization’s betterment is truly motivating. Continuous improvement often involves solving complex problems, which, as a chess enthusiast, aligns perfectly with my interests. Ultimately, knowing that our efforts lead to a more efficient, competitive, and successful organization is immensely satisfying.


What’s been your biggest challenge?

Recently, our biggest challenge was developing a cost-effective technology solution to enhance employee inclusivity, engagement, KPI performance tracking, and drive staff retention. Working closely with our BI, Dev, Media, and Operations departments, we created the ‘Bespoke Web App.’ This application fosters meaningful two-way communication, performance benchmarking, and motivational content sharing among team members and senior staff. Think of it as an “Employee Relationship Management” (ERM) tool. Crafting a user-friendly application that consolidates multiple features was undoubtedly challenging, but we successfully transformed this vision into a reality.


What are your goals & vision for the future?

My goals and vision revolve around building upon our successes at Bespoke and advancing our continuous improvement initiatives. I aspire to position SaaS as a vital product for both our existing and potential clients. Ultimately, my overarching goal is to continuously invest in nurturing the success of our team members by identifying untapped talent and creating opportunities for their growth and development.