Refocusing Your Business Objectives

As we move forward into 2022, now is the time to consider how, as customer-facing businesses, we can operate more efficiently.


Our experience as a global BPO partner has taught us that there are some CX fundamentals that enable growth. These are:

– Increasing customer retention, through better service.

– Building customer pipelines through targeted outreach activity.

– Reducing CX costs and improving quality through smarter procurement.


Some key questions that business leaders will need to consider are:

– How do we build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with our customers through customer service and experience?

In most markets, customers have many choices and whilst price is always a factor, a key differentiator is always the customer experience.

– Is the experience being offered consistently of a high standard? Variable or unsatisfactory service experiences undoubtedly impact customer retention.

– Are we engaging on all the channels that our customers feel most comfortable using? Choice of communication channel is expected and needs to be delivered.

– Do we offer a personalised, empathetic and solution-focused service? Timely resolution to queries is essential for customer-facing brands who want to grow.


Optimising KPI’s

Establishing and tracking KPI’s regularly is crucial. At Bespoke, we use metrics around first call resolution, customer satisfaction scores and call handling times. We invest heavily in the well-being of our teams so that they are motivated to deliver an outstanding customer experience. The evaluation of KPI metrics allows us to measure and prove our performance levels.


An Omni-channel approach

It is important that the customer is able to start a conversation using a channel that suits their needs best. We offer CX support across all channels and we focus on providing a seamless experience across them all. Customers often expect to be able to interact on a topic over more than one channel and will demand the same high levels of service across them all. We believe that the nature of the customer journey should be decided by the customer and based on their individual needs.


Employee Engagement

Our call centre in Durban, South Africa is where our operation delivers our end service. There are many advantages to South Africa as a destination, however, we have taken this a step further by fostering a culture that is supremely focused on delivery against KPI’s and allows employee progression. Read our latest ‘floor to board’ blog.


Turning a cost centre into a profit centre

We put considerable emphasis on the onboarding process and through consultation, we work hard to understand the business strategy of our partner organisations. Ultimately, our goal is to shift the perception of CX as a necessary cost but to highlight it as an opportunity for growth, which, done well, will impact positively on the profits of our partners.

If you want to understand how Bespoke International Group can deliver an enhanced customer experience for your clients and help you achieve your business objectives in 2022, email us at [email protected]. Our CEO is UK based and available to offer enhanced value through a one-to-one consultation.