2022 has seen continued growth in the South African BPO market, now recognised by many as the leading offshore outsourcing destination.

One year ago we posted about the phenomenal growth at Bespoke International Group. We are delighted to say that this growth has continued on the same upwards path, coming from a wide range of sectors, particularly Energy and Retail.

We are part of a thriving industry that is supported by the SA government. It was worth 1.4 billion USD in 2019, with an estimated 13.2% growth annually up until 2027. This puts the market in 2022 at a size of around 2 billion USD in 2022.

This rapid growth rate is said to be twice that of India and at least three times greater than the global average. Organisations such as BPESA promote investment in SA and actively champion the BPO industry in South Africa, enabling opportunities for the leading providers to attract the best local talent. Of those working in BPO, 90% are under 35 and half are female. Our approach at Bespoke International Group is to invest in local talent and some of our brightest talents have progressed from floor to board. These include Lenny Govender and Ralph Naicker both of whom have worked their way up the ladder to become valued leaders within our operation.

Such impressive growth does not happen by accident, and whilst we at Bespoke are delighted to be part of that story, we know that our business know-how and USPs are built on the solid foundations of the SA BPO market, specifically in Durban. The industry growth has been driven by an awareness that South Africa offers a host of advantages overs BPO’s in other countries.

When it comes to selecting a BPO for CX, there are many considerations, however, South Africa’s powerhouse status is well-earned and has positioned the rainbow nation as the leading destination. When looking for the right provider, results and costs are vital, but it’s also important to look for cultural alignment and a partnership-driven approach.

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