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How Bespoke International Group have built on ‘The South Africa Advantage’.

Announced as the ‘most favoured’ Offshore CX Delivery Location for 2021, South Africa has become an attractive destination for offshore business operations. But what makes South Africa so special? A lot, actually.

The list of benefits of choosing a South African offshore business partner includes:


  • Cost-effective business resources, with European businesses typically saving up to 50%.
  • Accessibility to first-world infrastructure and technology, meaning less room for error in day-to-day operations.
  • An inclusive time zone of GMT+2, which overlaps nicely with most first world countries.
  • English-speaking workers with neutral accents allow for clear communication, and a more streamlined and enjoyable customer experience.


While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it gives insight into how South Africa has been gaining ground over the traditional go-to’s like India and the Philippines.

The Bespoke South Africa Experience


At Bespoke International Group, we offer our clients so much more than the typical ‘South Africa Advantage’. We have built on and further improved the existing South African value proposition, and we are now uniquely positioned to deliver an even better client and customer experience. Here’s how.


A Hands-On Approach to Consultation and Onboarding


We view our client relationships as more of a partnership than the standard supply and vendor model. Our Executives are committed to ensuring the success of our clients by actively participating in the management of each account, providing vision, sound leadership and offering strategic advice on realising client benefits.


We’re Creating New Jobs in South Africa


Although South Africa has over 200,000 people graduating from university every year, South Africa still has an unemployment rate of over 34%. That means there are thousands of fresh and capable minds ready and waiting for employment.


Rather than recruiting workers that are already established in the sector, Bespoke strives to create new jobs, increasing the size and profile of the sector in South Africa. This way, Bespoke can train and inspire these talented individuals to deliver the exceptional service that we are so passionate about.


Our Advisors Absorb the Client’s Brand


Customer experience is more important now than ever before, so it’s crucial that your customer service team delivers exceptional standards, even when operating offshore. Our advisors absorb your brand, understanding guidelines, customer expectations, and the ins and outs of your product or service. It is this dedication to providing unrivalled quality that means their advisors can match – or exceed – the standards of an in-house team.

UK-Based Sales and Support


Bespoke is the South African offshoring partner that’s close to home. Although most of our day-to-day operations take place in South Africa, our UK-based CEO, Mark Thomason, is also on-hand provide executive support. Mark is always happy to arrange in-person meetings to discuss business matters, and this adds yet another personal touch to the Bespoke onboarding experience.


Collaborate with Bespoke International Group


If you’re a business owner looking to take advantage of South Africa’s global business solutions without sacrificing the quality of your customer experience, get in touch. You can email  [email protected]