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The role of customer reviews in building brand equity. How to build review collection into your CX processes.

Customer service reviews are comments by people who have had some kind of interaction with a company or brand and had experiences worth sharing.  Reviews can garner trust with consumers and influence buying decisions like few other things. Based on the assumption that the service is of a high standard, reviews based on customer interaction ultimately leads to customer growth and improved profits for a business. For this reason, we see it is an important element for consideration in BPO and CX.


We’re all familiar with consumer reviews, often on platforms such as Trust-pilot. The impact of reviews can be huge, both positively and negatively. 

Some organisations are very effective at collecting reviews, others, less so. Building review requests into a CX cycle is a great way to capitalise on a customer interaction and leverage the benefit that comes from offering an efficient customer service.

– Timing is everything. Requests for reviews should be made during or straight after an interaction. Being reactive enables the customer to feedback on an experience that is fresh in their mind.

– Omni-channel. Ask on the call, follow up on email, ask after chat. As part of a defined CX process, building in requests can be done across every channel.

– Leverage great service. A customer service review reflects how employees and policies of a company work together to meet the needs of the consumer.


Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company’s credibility. 

  1. Start with a goal in mind. 
  2. Solicit different kinds of feedback, across different platforms.
  3. Approach both new and established clients for feedback. 


Verified reviews allow consumers to get a trustworthy sense of how companies treat their customers. 

From our call centre in Durban, South Africa we represent different brands by putting a huge emphasis on KPI driven customer service goals and ensuring an outstanding CX experience. Our advisors are well trained in incorporating review building into the CX process. The confidence of knowing that the end customer is receiving an efficient and fulfilling brand experience, enables the process of review collection to be driven with purpose.


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