Most CX interactions focus on problem-solving and issue resolution. The best case scenario for both the customer and the customer service department is a ‘first call resolution’.

This is when a query is dealt with in such an efficient manner that the interaction is minimised and the customer is left delighted with the service received.

So, how can customer service departments increase their level of first, or even, second-call resolutions?

Within CX delivery, technology, specifically chatbots, have increasingly taken a more front-line delivery role. In many cases chatbots are able to give an answer to a question, however, this isn’t always the case and an escalation to a human is then required. The escalation stage requires someone who has a defined skillset that includes listening, empathy, and a positive attitude that is laser-focused on ensuring that the issue is resolved and that the customer is happy.

Whilst it is tempting to think that the human element can be replaced by the chatbot function, it can’t. Many CX demands simply need human intervention, whether online, on the phone, or on a web chat.

Failing to recognise or deliver this, ultimately means that the customer is insufficiently serviced and therefore left frustrated and possibly angry that his or her needs are not being met. This is a dangerous situation for any brand as it leads to the erosion of customer retention rates. Another way of looking at this is to do a value vs cost analysis of a human service versus a technological one. The cost of a skilled human advisor must be weighed up against the exclusive ability to resolve an issue and leave a customer feeling valued. Very basic queries can be dealt with by chatbots, but as soon as any level of complexity is introduced, this is far more difficult to achieve, especially when characterised by the following:

  • Complex interactions
  • Vulnerable customers
  • Emotionally charged topics


The general consensus is that the value of human interaction cannot be underestimated and is a vital component of effective CX delivery. Within the UK, this creates cost, staff availability, and retention issues. Long wait times, inexperienced staff, and low morale can do more harm to brand reputation than good, especially during times of high seasonal demand. These issues and their negative impacts are far less pronounced in South Africa, which is consistently voted the leading outsourcing destination. Our call centre in Durban is fully staffed with managed brand teams that deliver increased value with every interaction, reduced levels of complaints, enhanced loyalty, and increased customer retention. Putting all this into the context of omni-channel delivery means that the value of human interaction in CX far outweighs the associated cost. Building in a flexible outsourced model, that utilises skilled and motivated talent only makes this value proposition more convincing.

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