Within the U.K and Globally, CFO’s are analysing business costs as the need for savings grows ever stronger. Recent data from leading institutions such as the IMF, point to a challenging economic outlook.

‘Global economic activity is experiencing a broad-based and sharper-than-expected slowdown, with inflation higher than seen in several decades.’ International Monetary Fund, October 2022

BPO undoubtedly has an important role to play in helping keep businesses face the challenges created by rising costs and tighter margins.

People are normally the biggest cost to a business, and those costs have grown ever greater with the combination of inflationary wage pressure, office costs and retention issues.

Meeting customer need effectively, whilst achieving cost savings is always a challenge, however it’s a challenge that we have have helped meet for clients by providing fully trained, motivated and effective CX agents that are immersed in the client brand and ethos.

We often challenge businesses to analyse their staffing costs and consider the cumulative cost of wages, sickness, IT, office space, wellbeing, support, training and holidays. This is then benchmarked against a simple and transparent fixed hourly service rate. Typically, the latter model offers substantial savings

Of course, it’s not all about cost, as people can also be the greatest asset an organisation has. Service levels and delivery must be paramount and our business model has proven time and again, that costs can be reduced by over 50% and service levels maintained or even improved. Applying this formula across a call centre estate can yield huge savings,

Our purpose built call centre in Durban, South Africa is dedicated to achieving these cost saving and service driven objectives. Sometimes we meet clients who are sceptical about outsourcing their CX function citing a loss of control. Here we dispel the myths surrounding outsourcing. 

The real life data we generate actually paints the opposite picture, whereby clients have KPI’s at their fingertips, giving them an executive overview of their CX performance. Importantly, we also remove the burden of recruitment and retention, freeing up huge amounts of time and resource so that our clients can focus on other areas of their business.


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